Conform or not to Conform

December 22, 2007

To conform or not to conform that is the question.. I decided last year that the best bet for taking things smoothly is to stop doing things at a complete tangent to the norms.. Fine..but that resolution is starting to really mess with my natural harmony.. I’m ten times more likely to snap, bite, cringe, sneer, glare, hit and swear at just about anyone.  Obviously my attempt at achieving my own, worldly, personal nirvana has been completely obliterated.. I’m fine with that..

But does that mean I’ll be unhappy all my life..

If I don’t conform (a.ka. fight, push, heave, shove things my way) then I’m going to spend the rest of my life feeling pissy, angry and moody..

And if I do conform I’m still going to be pissy, angry and moody… just not quite that tired..



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