The search for Snow

December 30, 2007

Last Sunday the whole family decided the time was perfect to see some snow, [and use up my dad’s ridiculously expensive hotel voucher].

Chuch sunlight sky dsc06243.jpg  finak.jpg dsc06227.jpg dsc06269.jpg   dsc06264-copy.jpg

Sunday morning we all packed light. Well, I packed light; the rest of the family brought everything from last week’s cake to medicines for all possible contingencies.

Laa dee daa , we reached PC Bhurban and found absolutely no snow. Two days were spent looking at the Christmas tree; watching movies in the mini cinema; shopping in murree; walking down random hiking tracks.Now while in murree I overheard a guy saying he was late because the snow had blocked the roads. Dare I mention I was ecstatic.

Next day we packed up for nathiagali. Forgot to take petrol from the nearest petrol station and had to go to abottabad for gas. That’s a nice 30-40 km away from Nathiagali.Spent the whole trip trying not to puke. Car sickness is my occasional foe.

Nathia Gali was freeeeezing. We had snow everywhere. At first I was disappointed because I couldn’t see any monkeys but we ended up taking pictures with a lot of them.

Now I was extremely surprised that so many people were involved in the upcoming elections. There were banners in every inconceivable place. Obviously election fever is in.

I’m still exaushted so I shall consider this post a work in progress. Will add more details as soon as I remember more..  


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