I need a DSLR

December 31, 2007

Went on a trip last week and I realized that my point and shoot was starting to get on my nerves [pictures are on the post below this one]. The sky would overexpose on amazing pictures and noise was destroying some of my low light ones. Even my marginally okay photoshop skills couldn’t save some of them. And worst of all my favourite picture in the bunch got corrupted somehow. I was devastated when I uploaded those pictures.

I’m not one of those people who substitute lack of skill with equipment. I’ve just started to feel like I’ve reached my camera’s limits. I find myself wishing I had could use a polarizer to improve my washed out skies… I can’t increase my ISO above 80, in low light areas, because that would murder my sensor. I can’t get the bead of water as clearly as I want to. I can’t capture the birds fighting over prey,in the sky. I’ll just get depressed if I go on with the list..

Last year my eye was on  the Nikon D80.. It was new and that was an advantage against canon 30d. I had an eye on the canon and wanted something similar but the technology was older and I wanted more from my camera. The nikon I put off buying because of the noise issues.. I shiver at he sound of “noise and grain”..  My lovely little p&S occasionally gives me nightmares about that but it isn’t too bad.. just let me down this time.

Now the Canon 40d’s come out I can feel my fingers itching.. It’s got the fps I wanted so I’m happy that the action and potrait part can be achieved from the same camera..

 Now I’ve been  thinking about the lenses.. I want a nice prime maybe the 85mm.. the 10-22mm and some zoom lenses.. But darn I can’t afford those L lenses.. they’re as expensive as the camera.

sigh.. I’m making plans that might not even take place.. loser.

crazyurfa.deviantart.com <– deviantart account.. thought I’d put it up.. uh the html doesn’t work here, :S


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