Pakistan’s woes

February 9, 2008

no gas, no electricity, no water, no flour;

Holy hell, it sounds like we’re living in a third world country..  uh, yeah, we are living in a third world country.. welcome back to reality, Urfa.. You do live in Pakistan

I think I’ve managed to jinx the whole country when I, not quite that subtly, sneered at the little packaged, plastic wrapped, oranges and muttered something about the finding mountains upon mountains of these oranges in Pakistan. Still have those piles at every corner of any street but we’ve managed to lose quite a few of the rest of our staples.. I mean come on, people can’t find flour here.. seriously.. the most ubiquitous, piece of food we have here is roti.. you can’t have a meal without our rotis.  No roti means no food essentially.. It’s like asking someone to eat noodles without chopsticks or forks.. not gonna happen..  And if someone can stretch their budget to get the flour. there’s no gas.. Well it depends where you live in actually. If you’re living in posher areas, the less likely your gas is disappearing.. so once again if you happen to live in the not so nicer places you’ve got a war on your hands trying to cook food or getting warm.. Gas is cheap here so most people prefer getting gas heaters..  and it’s a scary thought when the gas disappears without notice and people still have their heaters on. They forget about them completely and when the gas comes back it kind of permeates throughout the whole house.. One spark or flame and you’re dead.. or if you happen to fall asleep during the gas shortage.. same conclusion

So, where were we in our countdown to doom, Ah, yes. Electricity.. Where the hell is the damned electricity going..  It goes off after every three hours and if you’re lucky it goes out for 6 hours.. nice! And do you know what happens during the loadshedding hour for some people.. the water goes with it as well..  Need I say more..

The biggest revelation for me was that this is exactly how the majority of the people live.. Some villages have access to electricity 30% of the day.   A lot them have filthy water for drinking and complete and utter wrecks as infrastructure..

When you’re treated like a second class citizen in your own country.. Nothing good is going to happen..

 Must cut this short cause the electricity goes out at 7 pm and I need to shut my computer down before that..  [will recheck and edit out any mistakes later]


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