Pakistan election..

February 19, 2008

Highly vague and erratic musings from the weirdo from weirdoland 

Um, we’re having elections.. seriously. this is the first time I’m seeing such fervour and intensity about anything political.. the local news channels are extremely excited and are oft found babbling over each small victory .. At 2am the live special election telecasts were still reporting..

Yes, yes, I’m ashamed to tell you I didn’t vote.. these are the first elections after I’ve turned 18. But eh? don’t want to participate really .. There isn’t a single candidate I would prefer to see elected.. . I find the political parties petty and inefficient with criminal records and dubious agendas. Not saying all members are collectively quite so tainted but my general perception is perhaps too jaded. I’d rather not support feudally backed parties and neither those that have infamously emptied our funds time and again.

The only political party worth any merit is perhaps Terheek-e-insaf [Imran Khan’s party]. Bring him up in any political debate and we get to hear verse upon verse about his immoral past and the illegitimate children scattered all over the world.. I must deviate from my ramblings to point out how religion plays a part in pakistan.. This country is full of people who look and act like religious zealots[sp?] but don’t have a clue about their own religion, seriously.[time to mention that the last time I studied Islamic studies I ‘d only gotten a C *blush* My only C for quite some time.. Anyway, there have been times when I’ve casually butted into discussions about religion and I’ve found my knowledge to be insignificant yet more then anyone’s who look like they should know every thing about islam. *freaky*] Islam only crops up in arguments for convinience sake and nothing more. Imran Khan may never be forgiven for his playboy past but billions of dollars worth of fraudulent money gulped away is easily ignored.. Doesn’t the money grabbing ways get any religious criticism. Of course it does, technically at least.. Practically, nobody cares.

Religion is shoved towards the back seat and paraded about only for the sake of an irrefutable argument. Pakistan may be a muslim country infamous for all those fundamentalists but I find it hard labelling them as such.. ignorant is more like it [How can anyone be a fundamentalist when they don’t have any fundamental knowledge!]. When the education system is so worn and tattered brim full of sterotype and inefficiency what do you expect..Burning up flags, effigys, mobbing around the country, in the decidedly anti-islamic behaviour[another case of religion ignored] but it persists because people have never been taught how or given a platform to express their views in any other way..

Coming back to the elections.. I’m still trying to ignore them.. They’re certainly not being held under the most democratic flavour especially with the judiciary so punctured.. Instead of boycotting, people, so hungry for power,are jumping into this struggle..

Whatever! They can all bite themselves silly..

Stopped caring a long time ago..


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