Blasts in Lahore!

March 11, 2008

I was giving a programming quiz when I received an sms from my dad simply stating that he’s fine. I felt a bit confused and the first thing that came to my mind was that there’d been another bomb blast near the highcourt. My dad’s a lawyer and the last time it had been bombed his office had shook so hard that everyone in the building had assumed it was an oddly loud earthquake and raced out of the building. 10 seconds later they’d ran back in.. after hearing about the bomb.

So, there I was in class and wondering what the hell happened when I found out the bomb had actually gone off in F Block model town!!! Never thought I’d be giving my address out on the internet but that’s where I live.. What the hell.. It’s like the most innocuous, blandest, homeliest place on earth. More greenry then you’ll ever see in any part of lahore and I believe more than 50% home ownership is by women [uh.. random pointless fact I found out yesterday.. ignore].  [Practically everyone in lahore heard the blasts except for us. My uni’s like a five minute drive away from my home so not hearing it was impossible. Really weird. ]

I know this’ll twist into extremist vesus secular democratic whateverness debate.. BUT it’s not! Why are people so determined to shoehorn their our issues into ours.. This was a purely political manouvere. The ‘extremists’ are not resposible for this crap no matter who takes up responsibility. Why can’t people accept that our politics is stinkier then a pair of wet, week old socks and suicide bombings are the perfect cover. 

//off topic

Our turn into the business of bombing started ‘only and only’ after the Lal Masjid incident[No wait, we can go back to the Afghan war of the 80s. That’s when the terrorists’ skills were honned and their extremist ideals turned into an effective weapon, but I didn’t exist back then. Can’t give a my own experience on that]. Mission ‘extreminate filthy terrorists’ was such an idiotic venture that even writing about is making me grind my teeth. You start bombing a place with a bunch of trapped impressionable kids… yeah, sign me up for ‘how to create my own terrorist’ 101. All I need to do is spend some time with the military. I mean how dumb can you get, but you got to give them credit for improving their ‘how to make my illegal this that and the other look legal’ stance. Innocent until proven guilty…yooohoo anyone. The policy is use an iron fist on the filthy terrorists…  yeah, tell them you’re going to attack them. Give them some time to defend and fortify themselves and then go on the offence. *Applause*. The lal Masjid incident showed exactly why we’re such a shitty country. We treat our own people like second class citizens and constantly push them to a point where they must fight back and treat the state like an enemy.  Hell, I’m not saying terrorsim should be promoted or anything but cutting it at the root, is so much more easier. Our education system is tattered and stereotyped. When you can’t groom the kids with an open mind, or even give them basic human rights you can’t expect peace. Treat em like utter shit and then be oh so horrifieds when they turn on you is just so blah. Use discretion and understand where these people are coming from. That’s going to give us a lot less grief.

//off topic

Where were we, yes, this bombing was so political is flavour I can almost taste it. One bomb goes of in the street in front of Billawal house and the other seems almost like a distraction. A week before the parliament begins.. interesing. Another try to present proof that democracy in Pakistan can never be good for the world or an attempt to gain some kind of sympathy and ease the way to power?

And what of the outcome. Two children passed away in the model town bombing with two others. There are two huge schools on either sides of the road. My home is almost three minutes walk away from there [down a very bendy road] and quite a few of our neighbours have broken windows.  And the FIA building had a school in front of it as well. One of my dad’s friends rushed to the school to find that his son had a very badly wounded ear. Poor kid’s just in the 3rd grade. Another little kid lost his eye because of the glass shards. And so many people were killed just walking on the street..


2 Responses to “Blasts in Lahore!”

  1. Neighbour? said


    my family wasnt there* when this whole thing happened, but we too live in block F.

    horrendous stuff really. every door, every window has been ripped through/shattered.

    did you happen to take any pictures of the area?

  2. Urfa said

    My first instinct was to get my camera from home and start clicking but unfortunately I have a weird schedule that doesn’t allow me to get home till sun down.. Pointless to take pictures in the dark..Also the really damaged areas were completely cordoned off by the police. Otherwise most of the neighbourhood simply differed by the amazing amount of shards of glass everywhere.. Even people in H block lost windows which is like the other side of town.

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