August 24, 2008

What is the difference between modern day cosmetic surgery and binding feet? Nothing really. Each is and was considered the best way to achieve a certain ideal level of beauty. To condemn one and glorify the other other is sheer hypocrisy. After all they’re equally extreme ways to simply attain the perfect body.



August 21, 2008

It’s an epidemic I tell you. A vicious cycle of humiliation and crushed self esteems doubly enhanced here in South Asia because marriage is more of a barter system and girls are constantly judged by prospective inlaws as too fat, too ugly, too DARK. Women who’ve been placed on pedestals when they were younger then go on to inflict the same viciousness on the next generation. It’s not pretty.

Heck even the prettiness is an issue I can understand but the colour issue. Kind of makes one feel pukish. It’s almost like we’re trying to camouflage our own identity behind a spotless, foreign façade. It’s humiliating. But I can’t even blame the women who get sucked into this mindset. It’s true their fairer counterpart WILL be more prominent and considered more prettier almost unconsciously.

My own travelling stint in India comprised of a few funny moments of being taken as a non-desi and after clearing up the confusion, being complimented over how pretty and fair Pakistani girls were.. Not that in Pakistan there isn’t any “Dark and Ugly” issues but this was first time anyone made me notice this issue. It made me realize how much, I too, was affected by this mindset. Everywhere I go I’m equally judged and if for the colour of my skin then rather unfairly.  People who say I’m on the right side of fair need to know how irrelevant this issue is to me. It’s almost scary how people are so horrified if I declare I’m proud to be brown and Asian. An immediate response is “but you’re not brown at all”. Yes, thanks but no thanks… I’m never going to see that as a compliment. This was simply a result of how my ancestors bred.. nothing more.. nothing less

Such divorce from ones being is going to corrode us whole from the inside. Women really need start to accept themselves and accept the beauty of their diversity otherwise they’ll be nothing more than generic, painted over, featureless, dolls set out for display. We need to take a stand against this issue and spread the positive vibes everywhere.

Until then enjoy this advertisement.

On a ironic note I was watching a documentry on the Indian Mughals and their first contact with the white man. The Mughals found them quite distateful to look at because they were reminded of dead people.

Crazy funny Pakistanis..

August 21, 2008

Shehzad Roy’s video is kind of the complete overview of everything happening in Pakistan right now. The crazy politicians, frustrated mobs, the lawyers movement, corruption and ignorance, and unwanted foreign influence. And inspite of all that, the video’s actually funny.. the lyrics are pretty aptly in sync with current events.. sheer brilliance and fun!

Ali Azmat’s new video is like tear inducingly hilarious!!! Especially with the dialogues in the subtitles and the creature fights..

No wait.. everyone on the news is dead.

umm.. case in point “Suicide bomber kills 30 in D I Khan, Taliban claim responsibility[1]”

So, what else has been happening these days.. Oh, yes, our president resigned. I didn’t get the opportunity to listen to his last address or his resignation note ,no duh, considering I changed the channel before the poor man could even utter a word. I’ve been doing that with extreme frequency in the past four years but it wasn’t personal. When “Leaders go Bad” I have an itchy feeling to either ram into them randomly or take over their reign.. switching channels just seems to require a lot less effort and a lot less violence.

Well one dictator gone.. now to get rid of the rest of the political court jesters. See, we Pakistani people just can’t be happy.. not only do we want to get rid of our military dictators but also oust our major political parties. Why?

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