news is dead // Good Bye Mr. President

August 19, 2008

No wait.. everyone on the news is dead.

umm.. case in point “Suicide bomber kills 30 in D I Khan, Taliban claim responsibility[1]”

So, what else has been happening these days.. Oh, yes, our president resigned. I didn’t get the opportunity to listen to his last address or his resignation note ,no duh, considering I changed the channel before the poor man could even utter a word. I’ve been doing that with extreme frequency in the past four years but it wasn’t personal. When “Leaders go Bad” I have an itchy feeling to either ram into them randomly or take over their reign.. switching channels just seems to require a lot less effort and a lot less violence.

Well one dictator gone.. now to get rid of the rest of the political court jesters. See, we Pakistani people just can’t be happy.. not only do we want to get rid of our military dictators but also oust our major political parties. Why?

a) their credibility kind of goes into the negative.. seriously.. we know they’re stuffing our money down their trousers as we speak.. ugh. not the imagery I’d like to remember

b)Dude, where’s my car Judiciary?

c)Democracy is impossible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in PAKISTAN. No, I’m not being pessimistic.. I’m just stating the facts..

Pakistan is a country without reasonable literacy; where people are divided into extreme social classes. Agriculture is the main source of income. This agricultural land is owned by rich landlords while the lesser off classes act as tenants . In any election who are those people in villages going to vote for. Any guesses for our lovely demagogue/landlord[Lets just forget the land shall we, lord is a more apt and rather vividly self explanatory]. And without the literacy those people don’t, can’t, won’t care about the  unfair power hierarchy. The “common man” never understood why there was such a hoopla created by the lawyers when the judiciary was torn asunder.. The right to choose their own leader and have a fair justice system has never occurred to them.. No wonder the lawyers movement was considered to be such an event because something like this was really happening in the country for the first time. Political protests have been seen before but civilians out on the streets was quite the novelty..

That’s why Pakistan’s been stuck in this rut since.. forever. No literacy thus no political awareness.. no political awareness no political development… no political development/stability thus no literacy..

And it doesn’t help that other countries keep *cough*interfering*cough*, trying to get Pakistan to cover their agendas before our own.. Any country not allowed to work for the betterment of their own people and  is constantly bribed to wipe someone else’s crap; which also not only undermines but is counterproductive for the Pakistani People..  Not good is it..

I had my hopes for President Musharraf. If his aim had been the 90 days he’d promised then he could have attacked the EXTREME social divide in our country. Political leaders can’t afford to irritate the higher being  because the landlords are their vote counts [and occasionally family]. Only someone without long term interests could have tackled this problem.

News is dead..didn’t I already say that.. Yes, the news is dead, newsmakers in this country are socially, morally are as dead as they can get..

At least Paris Hilton doesn’t make the news here.. and that’s a relief..



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