Asif Zardari.. Popular?!

September 3, 2008

I opened my Facebook account today and found half my front page alerting me that quite a few of my of friends had joined some group or the other.  Now that isn’t rare, really, but I was surprised to find most of them about Asif Ali Zardari . I had to blink back a bit to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating because the coincidence was immense.. So many people all joining different groups at the same time for one person. Obviously the idea that the man had more of a viable chance to become President was quite a shocker to people… and he’s not very popular amongst my friends, at least..So I decided to give a search around..

Some groups were very obvious in their disdain “Pakistan Is NOT The Personal Property Of The Bhutto & Zardari Family!” “I Bet I Can Find 1,000,000,000 People Who Hate ASIF ZARDARI!.” “REJECT Zardari for Pakistani President!!!” “Everyone who does not want Zardari to become our president !!!!!” “No Zardari…this doesn’t mean you can be president” “The thieves, Zardari and Shareef are back in power. AGAIN! 5th time! DOH!!”

Some were somewhat supportive “Zardari Lovers” .. Okay, Okay, there weren’t many

Others were plain weird “Let’s Not Assassinate Asif Ali Zardari Because He’s hot, okay?”  0_o

One thing is very clear that Bilawal is wayy more popular.. Maybe celebrities have it right.. younger and prettier is obviously the way to go.. “”Today’s hero… BILAWAL BHUTTO ZARDARI!” “We think Bilawal Bhutto Zardari will be a better leader then his mother”” Cutest/Hottest Young Political Leader: Bilawal Bhutto !””Bilawal Bhutto Zardari: saviour of DEMOCRACY in Pakistan” “Bilawal Bhutto is the BOMB.”

This information  is not the complete reflection of the people in Pakistan. Sadly enough, not many people are computer literate here or even literate for that matter. Politics is monetary matter and many parties have a payroll of sorts where people are payed to have allegiance. Political maturity is not very developed and if the politicians have their way it never will be.


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