Facebook Privacy?!

December 18, 2009

I really thought I wasn’t dumb enough to do something stupid with my settings, I really didn’t.. Well, I was wrong.

When facebook changed its something policy again I wasn’t bothered. Rarely have their changes affected me enough before for me to care now.  I randomly clicked on their privacy message and forgot it even existed. Well, that was before every single newspaper I read started mentioning the facebook new privacy settings in their most read stories. I had a moment of meh another bunch of whiners.

I decided to check out my settings regardless.. Let’s just say I was bit shocked to find my profile privacy blasted wide open. My notes, my info and my wall was completely out in the open. I’ve never been gladder that I play farmville so much because my wall was full of stuff from it. At least to a non invasive viewer I had no social life and all was good. I reverted back to my old settings and gave a sigh of relief… Major emergency Over!

Then came the fun bits. Don’t you know a few people who you kinda seem to know but never really want to friend but are really curious about what they ended up doing after school.. well, now was the time to indulge in a level of voyeurism I never had before.

I now know one of them got married and had a baby.. anticlimatic much.. the baby’s cute and I know this because her mum’s albums gave away every single movement she made.

And there were others I couldn’t resist checking out. One guy I know has over 300 albums… fun, well he’s having way to much of it.  I’m almost jealous 🙂

What worried me the most about this incident is that 2 out of 3 people I click on have their walls, albums, everything on display and I’m pretty sure they don’t want stuff like this aired out. While it’s easy to comment on how stupid people are about not reading something they click on this is facebook after all; most people login daily to grow crops and join a mafia.

disclaimer:: the author is no pervy voyeur; she’s only procrastinating while having exams.


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