Pakistan Bans Facebook-Annoyed for a totally different reason

May 19, 2010

I am not happy they’re banning facebook purely because we were boycotting it in the first place !!

This severely undermines the power of the people who were already acting on this issue. Now everyone’s going to think the lack of Facebook activity is because of government intervention whereas the boycott was already planned. Most of my friends had the image on the right as their profile pictures.

All that effort for nothing. Random media will report this as ‘oppression’ of the Pakistani people and our message will be lost.

I was planning to boycott facebook for the next month because the whole ‘cartoon’ episode doesn’t offend me as much as the thought process behind it. It’s a bitchfest pure and simple; it only says ‘If you hate muslims then it’s time to bring out your crayons’. Honestly, the comics I’ve seen as yet aren’t very interesting or great pieces of freedom of speeches. I’ve had people on the street throw betters slurs at me.


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