Harry Potter Trailer Analysis *spoilers*

July 1, 2010

The Trailer’s out and wow! I must admit I am impressed.  Some of my favourite scenes have made the cut and it looks like the rest of the just might make it too.

Good old Voldemort’s waiting for Harry Potter to turn up after he’s announced he would spare everyone if they brought him Harry Potter.  Voldemort expects Harry to hand himself in.

And just as he expects Harry does turn up ready to die although for a completely different reason. I did think about how they would show Harry’s Parents and the rest of the Marauders. I want to see Sirius again!

Harry closes his eyes accepting his fate. If I remember correctly he’s thinking of Ginny.

*Avada Kedavra*

Harry, Ron and Griphook in Gringotts? With Hermione polyjuiced as Bellatrix Lestrange.

Ollivander after being in captivity for a year .  I did get confused about whether that was Gellert Grindelwald

Harry and Hagrid escaping Death Eaters after they get away from 4 Privet Place. I am eagerly waiting to see seven Harrys.

Hermione and Ron at Dobby’s funeral. If you look closely you can see the mark on Hermione’s neck where Bellatrix Lestrange held a knife on her neck.

I don’t have a clue. Maybe Hermione going to Harry’s parents grave or to her own parents to erase their memories.

Harry’s wearing some fancy clothing so I assume it’s after they escape from the ministry of magic after they’re found out to be impostors and not the people they’ve polyjuiced themselves into.

The protective shields around Hogwarts breaking. From then onwards Hogwarts becomes Death Eater Territory. They showed them the first time in Half Blood Prince and now I know why. Apparently breaking them looked very good on screen.

Death Eater (Thought he was Carrow but he looks different from the pictures) stopping the train to abduct Luna Lovegood from the Hogwarts express on the way back for Christmas Holidays. That’s the only reason I can think of for someone wanting to stop the Hogwarts Express.  I’m glad they’ll be showing the scenes of the Hogwarts mutiny led by Neville because even though the trio’s off hunting Horcruxes there was equally interesting stuff happening back at Hogwarts.

I’m guessing Ollivander about to be kidnapped because of all the boxes (which I’m guessing are wands) in the background although I remember him as a completely different bloke. He looks more like Karkaroff with the facial hair.

This is after the escape from the ministry of magic. Ron ends up getting splinched after they apparate so that’s why he’s on the ground. I think Hermione’s performing the fidelius charm around them after she’s fixed Ron’s arm.

And this is how the Trio escape from Gringotts although they’re supposed to be sitting on the Dragon.  Poor things’s half blind so I felt really sorry for it but then it had it’s moment of glory when it destroyed the place it was supposed to protect. Go Dragon!

Ron’s all wet and in a forest so this is after he saves Harry in Lake. I’m guessing it’s the part where the Horcrux that’s in the locket manifests itself in front of Ron as one of his worst nightmares; A Hermione that likes Harry more than Ron. A cruel vision of her taunts him and kisses Harry (Emma once gave an interview where she says how awkward it was that she had to kiss both her costars. Since Harry and Hermione never kiss in canon I believe this is the only place they can). Sounds like a fun scene. Nice to torture Ron a bit when he’s said some brutally mean stuff to Harry before he left.

Ron looks like he’s going to attack someone and Hermione’s stopping him.They’re standing in Hogwart’s rubble.  Either it’s the scene where they find out Harry’s dead or when one of the Weasley twins dies.

Death Eater chasing Hagrid and Harry. It could even be Stan Shunpike!! It would be awesome if it were him after all he’s the basic reason Harry won’t join forces with the ministry.  Such attention to detail could make this Potter film a winner<= Oh dear God I sound like a cheesy reviewer.

Ron being chased in the ministry after his Polyjuice wears off. He’s all wet because the man he polyjuiced into was supposed to be able to fix magical leaks and stuff.

Bellatrix Lestrange throwing a knife at Harry as he and Dobby are escaping from Malfoy Manor.. *sniffle* we know who dies and it isn’t Harry.

Running from the snatchers when Harry accidentally says Voldemort’s name. The real reason why no one says Voldemort’s name is revealed here.

Voldemort’s having a jolly good time with his new wand.. that he took from Dumbledore’s grave. I wonder if they’ll show Dumbledore’s grave. I wonder if they’ll show his funeral

Completely random new scene with no basis in canon. It looks like something cinema audiences would love although Harry is bound in it so it’s after the scene in the forest. But Voldmort never notices he’s alive till the very end so I fear they might have taken out Hagrid and Mrs. Malfoy’s scenes because they are key to why Voldemort thinks Harry is dead… NOOOOOOOO!

The trio after Bill Weasley’ and Fleur’s wedding. That’s when they encounter Death Eaters again in muggle London because Harry keeps taking Voldemort’s name and hence gets tracked down. I have no idea why but the dialogue I remember the most is that Ron complains his jeans are too tight. 😛

Multiple scenes of different people polyjuiced as Harry getting chased by Death Eaters so that no Death Eater knows which is the real Harry. I want to see the sadness after Moody gets killed. And Harry needs to find that eye. Moody needs a proper burial.

Nagini attacking Harry after she tricks him into believeing she is Bathilda Bagshot. Don’t have a clue how they’ll show that on screen. Didn’t the snake rip out of her body or something.. Err.. what is the rating of this film.. might freak out the kiddies if that show that.

Ron finally destroying the Horcurx with Harry egging him on with Gryiffindor’s sword too boot.

The room of Requirement that turns into the room of hidden things, catching fire. This fire is cursed and is called Fiendfyre.  Crabbe happens to be the one who starts it and ironically dies in it.

Goyle and Malfoy barely make it out and that too with Harry’s help. In the movies there’s only one of Malfoy’s side kicks being used though. Can’t remember which. One of the kids got kicked for Drug related charges I believe.

There’s a kiss of course. Wasn’t there in canon but it’s a movie. People need to snog when they’re off to fulfill potentially deadly prophecies. Just look at the background; people are running too and fro so this is Hogwarts and the War’s about to begin. We get a kiss but will we get spiders and werewolves?

Headmaster Snape being forced to abandon his post by the rest of the teachers. He’s going to go flying through that window. We need an epic Snape death with him staring into Harry’s eyes thinking of his mother instead.. creepy but 😀

Hogwarts being destroyed by random blasts but all this scene says to me is no giants, no giants, no giants That means no Grawp. Come on, he’s supposed to fight the rest of the giants and protect Hogwarts. We need to see how he’s the runt of the family!




I’m embarrassed to tell you but I have imagined this scene and this is infinitely better. Although slightly disappointed it’s not in the Great Hall and that there’s no audience. Everybody’s supposed to be standing around them watching. Harry’s supposed to mock ‘Tom’ how none of his curses could kill anyone because Harry gave his life to protect them. McGonagall and Kingsley were supposed to be fighting Voldemort before Harry turns up. Where are they?

Oh well. Let’s see what happens. I can’t wait for this movie to come out.  This series has spanned through half my life and I feel sad and excited at the same time that it’s coming to an end.

Scenes that NEED to be in the movie

  • Where Hagrid brings Harry’s body back. If that doesn’t happen the cinema’s going to be on fire.
  • I want to see Mrs. Malfoy and the whole is my son alive bit.
  • Where Harry crucios Carrow for spitting at Professor McGonagall.
  • The Not my Daughter, you Bitch scene.  Mrs. Weasley needs to show how awesome she is when she kills Bellatrix Lestrange.
  • When Harry becomes godfather. Not the most relevant scene but I’d like a look at Teddy.
  • Kreacher. I got fond of him by the end of it.

6 Responses to “Harry Potter Trailer Analysis *spoilers*”

  1. “The Not my Daughter, you Bitch scene. Mrs. Weasley needs to show how awesome she is when she kills Bellatrix Lestrange.”

    This one would be killer!

    Maybe there is an audience in the fight between Harry and Voldemort. Perhaps they just make them disappear has a cinematography thing to let people know no one can intervene!

  2. Graham said

    Nice photos. Where did you get them? In the book, Nagini the snake comes out of Bathilda’s neck, Harry is lying on the ground in posh clothes cos the trio disapparated to the Forest of Dean and the guy with the beard in the wandshop is Gregorovitch, not Ollivander. Still good, though! 😀

    • Blah said

      The pictures are just screen shots of the trailer.

      And Gregorovitch!! Ah, that was the missing link. I knew it wasn’t Ollivander but I could see the wands so I got confused. Thanks!

  3. Scifan said

    Those are some awesome shots…

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