Fell in love with a ruin

January 14, 2008

I have to be mad to say this but I fell in love with a ruin.. I was going down on my usual ”lets go and see some snow’ casual holiday for two days’ when I saw a ruin on the side of the road being beautifully framed by an autumn orange tree.. Now the last two times I’d gone on that road it had been pretty dark and another time the clouds had come down.. I’d seen it hidden beneath the clouds somewhere but I’d dismissed it as my imagination..

Now, the traffic was intense and the road was curvy and I was feeling pukish so I couldn’t get the car stopped.. Besides one side of the road was nothing but a deep valley and the other a cliff face[upon which the damn thing stood].. I think I went a bit weepy over missing the chance to take pictures of the ‘church’..

View from 'theruins of a brewery'

Saw some snow.. took pictures of monkeys.. and I remembered we needed to stop over at that particular point.. Saw the ruin in the horizon [glad it stood on the cliff] and stopped at a small dirt road.. I got out of the car and started running up the road and lo and behold it stood in front of me..

Instead of a church it turned out to be a brewery from 1860 cool! 😀

Now the tree wasn’t as near the building as I thought.. It was quite a way down.. I climbed down on wobbly stones and dirt.. The tree edged against the cliff but I manged to get a shot or two..

I wasn’t happy.. with the pictures when I uploaded them.. Too overblown and orange.. The actual tones were perfect.. but oh hey..

Ruins of a brewery 3

brewery ruins-1860

brewery ruins 2-  1860