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December 22, 2007

UH.. What the hell was I thinking when I chose the domain name for this blog.. I mean seriously.. what kind of cheesy dragon slayer porn fiction have I been reading to come up with a name like

“Hidden Dagger”…


Drum roll

December 21, 2007

Today’s Eid.

Well that sound so anti-climatic.

Other then the bakra photo-session and the following slicing and dicing it was extremely boring. The Edhi was insignificant and my hair cannot be tamed. It’s too cold to think and I’m wearing my joggers  much to the dismay of the ‘family’.They find me rather anti eidlike. Yes, I’m quite the anarchist with my jogger wearing ways..


 This is the lovely sacrificial goat doing his ‘silent prayer’ pose

And I’ve discovered a secret craving..

I feel like eating raw meat. Seriously.. Whenever I see nice juicy pieces of meat I feel my mouth starting to water..I am so weird..